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  • Canvas Sled Wrapper

    Canvas Sled Wrappers

  • Canvas Tarps


    10oz canvas tarps. Durable arctic tough.

  • Canvas Wall Tents Glowing in the Arctic

    Custom Canvas Wall Tents

    From: $598.00

    These are our base, 4 & 5 foot wall models made from high quality, 10 oz., 100% cotton canvas. For larger wall height, floor area or a double tent, please contact us.

    This is our best selling tent line. Popular with outfitters, prospectors, hunters, trappers, mining exploration camps and even glampers.

    Specializing in Canvas Wall Tents

    All Fort McPherson Tents are designed and made with interlocking lap-seams, sewn with a double needle lockstitch to prevent moisture leakage. All corners and stress points are reinforced. Our canvas tents are made from the highest quality material 10 oz., 100% cotton army duck Sunforger, making the canvas mildew resistant and flame retardant.

    Fort McPherson wall tents are widely respected and stand in the most remote corners of the world, such as Germany, Italy, Finland and can be spotted in various wilderness camps throughout Nunavut, across the Northwest Territories, the Yukon and across North America. Canadian made with care and strength in Fort McPherson Northwest Territories.

    If you are into glamping this is the tent for you.

    Note: tents do not come shipped with poles or floor. Due to shipping costs it is uneconomical to ship these heavy bulky pieces with our tents. Our customers will usually build their own tent frame on site out of natural materials, or with lumber for more fixed structures.

    Build your own custom canvas wall tent and order it online today!

  • Traditional Canas Tipi for Sale

    Durable Traditional Canvas Tipis for Sale


    The Fort McPherson Tent and Canvas Shop has been making traditional canvas tipis for over 20 years. These tipis are built arctic tough with 10 oz canvas that is fire and mildew resistant. They are made to withstand the elements whether it be extreme cold or extreme heat.

    Canadian made by the people in the Northwest Territories, people who hunt, fish, trap and sometimes even live in these authentic canvas structures.

    Our teepee sizes range from 8′ to 22′ (diameter across) and each have their own canvas carrying bag.

    These teepees allow you to be able to lay by an open fire, warm and cozy while listening to the rain tap on the water resistant treated canvas. They allow you to roast hot dogs and not worry about getting smoke in your eyes . One of the most traditional and pleasing ways to camp and be one with nature.

    Available Teepee Sizes
















    Note: tipis do not ship with poles.

    Use it as a temporary camp structure or fix it permanently on your property or out on the land. Makes a great secondary storage structure, or a fun place for you to gather with your friends.

    Pick the tipi that suits your needs and order online today! Quality guaranteed!